by - 6/15/2016

In recent days, I have experienced as I watched from a distance, someone else's life. In my thoughts, I am in a sort of very long trip that just will not seem to stop. And without ever having something taken-apart from innumerable cups of coffee to stay awake after many sleepless nights. Natural high, as it is also referred to as beautiful. It's a strange thing; adrenaline. It is one of the most uncomfortable feelings that I know, because usually it is accompanied by a large dose of nerves. And that means; sweat hands, trembling knees, a lid that just will not stop vibrating and the Russian language that seems suddenly very difficult - and stuttering in a tearing rush talk included. But, I would not be archer if I was not slightly addicted to adrenaline. For how uncomfortable I feel, also when the nerves by vultures my body as much as I returned to my bed would want to crawl on exciting moments, and how scary I find new things sometimes. After the natural strip is worked out, I want to again. And more. And again I hear you think; what the hell have you been up to where you got such a kick out of it?! Well, the big story of it I will tell you soon, because I'm still in the middle of the whole adventure. A bit anticlimactic this, I know. But seriously, there's something I can tell already. And that is a lesson. Without lecturing or to sound like a smart ass, I want to share something I've come back during this trip to me already a week late bounce through life. It may sound like an open door which I unceremoniously flick but bear with me. I do not know what possessed me, but the last few days I have a sort of 'all or nothing' feeling. And that means that I was attacked by a vigor which I had long not felt. And that was again the result that I no longer dreamed about the things I want, but suddenly added the action to the word and hard behind my dream went on. A giant step in the right direction, which I achieved a personal goal and - perhaps more importantly - realized that your happiness really lies in your own hands. Nobody is ready to make your dreams on a platter for you to bring, no one can conjure that your dreams come true just like that, except you. You're the only one who can choose to go the safe way, or to challenge yourself and show what you got. Without fear, without any doubts or uncertainties, and full of conviction in that what you want to achieve. If you go with that setting and full of positive thoughts go to work - it may just happen that your dream comes true. Thus. Grandma has spoken. What goal do you want to achieve? I am very curious!

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