by - 2/10/2016

Fear is a bad adviser. This is a saying that we are exposed to at an early age. Because by believing in a monster under your bed, you are forced to lie in bed with your parents. Been there, done that.

Fear comes in very different forms of expression around the corner. No longer am I afraid of monsters or other critters in my bedroom and I even have my fear of spiders somewhat under control. And yet, I am confronted several times a week with a fear that I almost dare say, I am not the only one who suffers from it.

Because everyone these days seems to be afraid. Scary, scary, scary. These are words that are commonly used in a conversation about dreams. Out of your comfort zone steps, go for what makes you happy, choose your own happiness, work on your dreams and your future into your own hands. It seems almost go hand in hand with fear, whilst it should be accompanied with joy, excitement and a tickle in your stomach.

If I leave without me be guided by fear, doubt or more of these destructive thoughts I'm going to focus on what I want, I notice that the ideas just start running. The time racing past the words on my paper seem to flow naturally from my pen and all kinds of plans to shoot through my head. And not only that. My body is participating enthusiastically. The butterflies in my stomach flutter at such sporadic wonderful moments in my belly and a smile does not seem to strike out of my face. And inside I feel the power flow and confidence in myself.

Why we are guided by fear? Why we believe in our ignorance, mistakes, and we can tell endlessly about all our failure, but we beat completely close when it comes to our qualities?

With the entrance of this new year, I made myself a promise. And that is to no longer be guided by fears, but to believe in my own ability.

And so I watch the fear in my bright eyes, and I fight against myself with the best weapon I have in my possession - positivity and confidence. Arguably, the two most important tools in choosing personal happiness and the achievement of set targets. Because deep down, I feel the butterflies flutter and I know damn well what I want and what makes me happy.

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