by - 1/08/2016

It is the rule rather than the exception for me to start each day by making a packed to-do list. Without further ado I put it on a desktop of my laptop, to then go rapidly through it. The reward of a ticked off list every day is a party in itself.

Because at least every week, I write down goals I want to achieve, the preparation feels good for borrowers somewhat outdated. And by calling good for borrowers who force on 1 January should be started, the pressure may be so high that after a week old habits come into play and intend broken before the end of the month.

Yet I share my good intentions with you today, but I call them goals. Happy goals, that is. With a positive outlook and a dose of good cheer, it feels very different to get to work. And by seeing it as life changes rather than big ogres in the room that should be avoided (No more chocolate cookies! No more delay homework!), It's challenging and accessible to small changes. Here are my goals for this year.
 1. Remain true to myself
This past year I have found best to have some time for myself, and I started taking that time. Just a moment on the couch with a good book and crawl silence has proved very important for me. And so I'm going this year in the same vein, and I make decisions based on my feelings. It feels good and I am glad of it? Then I go for it. But I feel more urgency to stay at home? Then I choose to - without feeling guilty.

2. Save for memories

This may sound strange, but what I mean is that I want to manage my money better. I happen not once the greatest hero when it comes to savings, but there has recently been an awakening it in my head. And that is that I would rather save for a beautiful edition, like my beautiful red coat from Zara that I wanted for two years. But above all, I'd rather save for nice trips or days out with the people I love.
3. Fanning my inner bookworm

As a little girl I was a real bookworm, and I read without any trouble at least two books a day. Now this time was that I still had few obligations. Irma in 2016 is different, but I will still try to read more books. Good books, but also inspirational self-help books to keep inspiring myself and improve.

4. Creative life

As a final goal for next year, I want more life out of creativity. Which means; reporting, working on stories I truly love and enjoy and no excuses not to do it. I want to learn how to live in the now, and really want to try to make me more guided by creativity and enthusiasm, and less by obstacles on the road and uncertainties. In other words, do not be shy, do not be afraid to dream big and at all times to keep believing in my own ability. Dream, believe, achieve!

I wish you a very happy, successful year full of love, warmth and great memories. Let's rock 2016!

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