by - 6/22/2015

The overall this summer is a big trend. Actually, overall, also known as dungarees, never completely gone. Because last year every fashion blogger, and every fashion icon spotted in this one piece. And now it-girl Alexa Chung a wonderful nail variant AG Jeans has designed, I dare say that the overall is a keeper. I was also a fan of the garment, and for the same reason I'm actually still a fan. Because what could be nicer than to not have to think too much in the morning, just to put on an overall with your favorite blouse or shirt and the hop out the door? And another advantage of this second skin, is that you never have to worry that you are just a bit too much of a good show, when you bend down to pick up a packet of biscuits from the bottom shelf in the supermarket. I'm still looking for the perfect suit, because of my height (I'm just 4'11 tall). But now there are all kinds and sizes, and overall is also super good to wear with heels.

What do you think of this trend? 

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