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Of course, blogging is fun. It's a great way to share your opinion, to inspire your readers, to let you see personal style, develop your writing skills, get in touch with interesting people and express yourself without a boss says what topic you can and can not can trim. Every day. From the outside it looks (fashion) blogger to be the most perfect job, but it's not all a bed of roses. Because as a blogger you'll most often find yourself in difficult situations.

1. Rainy Days
Every moment that you are free, you grab the opportunity to take pictures. Mainly if you besides your job as a blogger also have another job or study.

2. Merry passers
Your photos do mostly outside, and outside people. On sunny days, a lot of people. And those people find you and the camera extremely interesting, and can never just walk past. "Well, keep smiling, hey!" Is a comment I often get thrown at my head. Last someone offered me prompt his dog, because that 'very photogenic' seemed to be. And the most fun are the passersby who cheerfully stand beside you, a big smile and establish a snapshot you want to shoot.

3. Locations scout
Finding the perfect location every time a struggle. Because if you do not live in Amsterdam or Paris oh so photogenic, it is rather difficult every time a beautiful, to find unique and classic background for a photoshoot. And of course, if you have stepped fully into the train looking for a perfect location, it still proves to be more difficult and you so long to find it again dim for you got around to taking pictures.

4. Camera crap
We fashion bloggers are demanding and want to make the perfect picture quality. And the necessary gear belongs to, such as a good camera. And good, such a reflex camera, but the disposable device used to understand a lot easier! Fiddling with the settings, blurry photos, swearing on the buttons that do not listen, and other such antics are the rule rather than the exception.

5. The hunt for a photographer
Ideally, we would take pictures every day of the outfits we wear. Every day a new outfit on your blog would be perfection. And then even every day a few pictures on instagram for a #ootd. Those pictures can unfortunately not make yourself and your dear friends with patience are not available every day. Unfortunately not. And so it is every week the same song; fire your whole group of friends, hoping that a few are available. And then also hope that they want to take pictures, and demanding your instructions to handle. For the perfect picture to get there, if it takes hours shivering in the cold. Red noses and hands including dead.

Well. Blogging is an art, but tinkering, stressed and puzzling with time schedules it is very worth it. Because when the time comes, and you come across while browsing between your freshly shot photos picture perfect, the reward is great.

Image via AfterDrk.com

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