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Colour transforms. It defines. It impacts our mood and changes the way we feel. That’s why each season’s colour trends are as influential and important as the broader fashion trends that sweep in on the change in weather.
Spring / summer 2014 fashion brings a colour palette that’s pared back and yet optimistic, with earthy tones, ocean blues and opaque pastels shaping the mood of the season. After the break, a look at the color trends forecast for the warmer part of 2014.

Spring / summer 2014 colours: Pantone

Pantone predicts the top 10 colours for women will be a mix of vibrant and romantic tones, with a focus on “emotional and artistic equilibrium”.
“This season, consumers are looking for a state of thoughtful, emotional and artistic equilibrium. While this need for stability is reflected in the composition of the palette, the inherent versatility of the individual colors allows for experimentation with new looks and color combinations.” – Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.
PANTONE 18-3224 Radiant Orchid, PANTONE 15-3920 Placid Blue, PANTONE 16-3823 Violet Tulip, PANTONE 18-3949 Dazzling Blue, PANTONE 15-1225 Sand, PANTONE 15-6114 Hemlock, PANTONE 16-0000 Paloma, PANTONE 17-1360 Celosia Orange, PANTONE 14-0852 Freesia, PANTONE 18-1651 Cayenne.

Spring / summer 2014 colours: Lenzing

Forecasting agency Lenzing predicts colours for spring 2014 will take shape around 5 themes: sensual, serene, colorquake, oasis and diaphanous.

Sensual: Hot Summer

Seductive. Desire. Racy. Intense. Voluptuous. It’s words like these Lenzing uses to describe this theme of a steamy, hot summer; where tactility of textiles is slinky and sophisticated. The colour palette compliments fabrics like light-reflecting satins, jacquards, rich jerseys and open weave knits.

Serene: The Blues

Contrasting the passion of the ‘sensual’ theme is a palette of serene blues. Clear open skies and calm seas signify freshness and the simplicity of nature. Spurred on by a longing for handmade authenticity, indigo dying and traditional denim return to the spotlight.

Colourquake: This Meets That

Think clashes, contrasts, cut+paste craziness… this palette is all about a wild mix of colours and textures. Lenzing calls it a “clash between hard-core technical attitude and natural materials”, featuring “all kinds of embellishments and elaborations”.

Oasis: Pop Up Lushness

All things sun-baked and natural find their place in clay red and jungle greens. Parched earth and radiant leaves are reflected in rough surfaces and visible grain in fabric weaves, making for deliberately worn and adventured garments and accessories. Prints are “more of textures than of patterns”.

Diaphanous: Precious Opaque

Gemstones and minerals set off a sartorial alchemy in this palette of opaque pastel tones. Less the sugar sweet pastels of summer past, these are modern tones that take shape in layers of transparent fabrics, in openwork jersey and lightweight, airy smoothness.

Spring / summer 2014 colours: SPINEXPO

Forecasting at SPINEXPO centered around the evolution and change. “In todays lifestyles there is no right or wrong, we want to move along with the crowd but still stand out. Nothing is as clearly defined as it was in the past, the boundaries have blurred between cultures, communities, the sexes and what is real or virtual.”
They predicted “an evolution of colours” through the following tonal families:

Source credit: Stock photo make-up daubs from Shutterstock via fashionising, text written by Tania Braukämper via fashionising.

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