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Mid-finger rings are in trend right now. So how to wear them? However you like: the bigger question is whether to invest in high quality, fine pieces or to go for the fast fashion use-and-abuse options. Then again, who says you can’t do both?
Here are 8 mid-finger / above knuckle rings and ring sets you can shop online.

1.  ASOS Multipack of Fine Rings.

As trends come and go and sometimes stir a desire for a cost-effective, everyday option, a simple stackable set of rings from ASOS can be the go-to. This pack offers 10 elegantly slender rings in faux gold that can be stacked or worn mid-finger.

2.  Adjustable Smoky Quartz Ring.

In the realm of upper-finger rings there’s nothing more practical than an adjustable piece. This one features an upside-down smoky quartz stone, set on a hammered 18ct gold-plated silver ring. Wear it above or below the knuckle by adjusting accordingly.

3.  Sunahara Beaded Mid Knuckle Ring.

Understated yet not devoid of detail, Sunahara’s beaded mid knuckle ring is the kind you can wear for any occasion.

4.  LeiVanKash Mid Finger Dagger Ring.

For an added edge, LeiVanKash’s mid-finger ring takes the shape of a fierce gold dagger. It’s adjustable, and also comes in silver.

5.  ASOS 6 Pack Mid Stack Rings.

Another low-cost option from ASOS, this pack is mixed for a more eclectic and interchangeable look.

6.  Miami ‘Midi’ Signet Ring.

For a more luxurious yet still edgy top-of-finger ring, you might consider Lee Renee’s Miami Signet, which is set with either a Carnelian or Onyx stone on one end and an arrow on the other. Wear it mid-finger or as a pinkie ring.

7.  Wendy Nicol Gold Triangle Mid Digit Ring.

If you want a piece that will stand the test of time and become a treasured fixture of your jewellery box, Wendy Nicol’s elegant yet roughly hammered pieces are made from 14k yellow gold. The addition of a triangle detail at the face of this one keeps it interesting.

8.  ASOS Smooth Ring Multipack.

For a very on-trend option, ASOS’s smooth ring multipacks have everyone covered. If you don’t want faux gold plating to fade, opt for the silver or gunmetal versions.
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