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We all know what a classic ponytail is: a hairstyle that gathers all your hair from the front and holds it altogether at the center of the back of your head. With that as the foundation, there are many ways to style it. But in 2013, particularly spring 2013, the styling of a ponytail is dominated by the ponytail. That is, itself, just what it suggests, a ponytail that is tied lower. Instead of everything being gathered at the center of the head, the ponytail is gathered at the nape or lower.

Below you’ll find all the on-trend styles for the low ponytail in 2013.

Low ponytail with side part

Casual, low ponytail

Voluminous, low ponytail

Ultra low ponytail

This particular version is an ultra low ponytail that’s very straight and has a modern-yet-serene feel to it. While a statement, it’s not very hard to recreate. Here’s a basic how-to for making the untral low ponytail your own.
  1. Complete all your usual hair preparation from washing through to applying heat protectant sprays or anti-frizz serums, and then blow dry your hair straight.
  2. Create a centre part and then straighten your hair out even more using a flat hair iron.
  3. Gather your hair towards your nape without tucking it behind your ears.
  4. Secure your ponytail with an elastic and then slide the elastic down to about 2 inches from your nape.
  5. Apply any hair glistening spray to add some shine to your ultra low ponytail.

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