by - 9/13/2012

Sometimes, I think in today's music industry, when you're first starting out your music career journey, "they" look for how much money you have, instead of the actual talent. Why? Can someone please explain to me why??? For straggling artists like me in this industry, who can't even afford to record a demo, it’s very difficult. Isn't talent more important then some stupid, dirty money? I don’t have thousands of dollars to put in towards my career... So what do you do, if you have talent, passion, determination and can't afford to get discovered?? If I was a record producer, I would look for the talent, the passion, and the heart that a person has for music, instead of ripping them off with cash. I mean you can’t really buy talent, ether you are born with it, or not! 

I don’t like the fact that today’s music business is mainly about "money". What about all of those struggling talented street musicians out there who have big dreams? Unfortunately, they never get to make it… It only happens to one in a million, but why??!! Is it because they were not born lucky enough? Just because they can’t afford to get discovered, they are not worth it? 

FACT: In this century money answers all the questions. Sadly, but true. :(

Be careful who you trust!

About two years ago, I met someone in the music business who sad he'd "help" me with my music career. He talked for hours way too much nonsense, sounded very suspicious, and just to good to be true. I never contacted him back since then. I honestly, don’t trust those kind of people, never have, never will! 

NOTE: To all you aspiring struggling artists out there: please be careful who you trust! Don’t believe everybody who say’s they want to help you, they obviously don’t! They are a lot of bad, negative people out there who want to take advantage of you, specially in this shady business. You got to be smart and have brains, because other wise if you are naive, it will lead you to a very negative world, and you don’t want that! Just believe in your heart and trust your gut! Your gut will never lie, trust me! If something in you says you can’t trust a person, then don’t! as simple as that. Don’t ever let other people take advantage of you! Be positive and smart! And ladies, while a few known artists have "slept their way" into something, 95% have not. So if someone is telling you that's the way it's done, tell them to go to hell! While there are exceptions, most professionals in the music industry and companies that have been in the industry for ten years or more, are honest and legitimate. So, make sure to work with an established company, trust your instincts, and you should be fine.

 Just like flowers can't live without water, I can't live without music. No matter what, music will always be the most biggest, major, important part of my entire life. I can't even imagine a day living without singing!

P.S. What does music mean to you? What kind of music do you love listening to? :)

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