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Here I am with my second blog. (-:

Welcome to THE CONFASHIONIST, a NEW blog about fashion, personal style, and lifestyle of my everyday life. This is my second blog which I transferred from my previous called IRMAFIRMA.
My name is Irma, I'm from Denver, CO. I'm most passionate about music, fashion, art, and journalism.
I've decided it will be a great idea to start my new school fresh with a new personal style project, confessions of a passionate fashion enthusiast turned journalism student called - "The Confashionist". Along with my new journalism major at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, which I'll be starting in two weeks (Can't wait!), I'll take "The Confashionist" readers on a journey with me. Here I will show you my style pictures and tell about their lives, people close to me, that surrounds and interests me, and my point of view on fashion, and few other things.
After blogging for a year on IRMAFIRMA.com, blogging to me has become not only a hobby, but a passion, yes! a passion, and I absolutely love it!

Please feel free to feel at home and don't forget to spread the word about/ and follow THECONFASHIONIST on; GOOGLE CONNECT (which is located on the side bar), BLOGLOVINFACEBOOK, and TWITTER.

Much Love & Respect.

Yours truly,

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