by - 8/19/2012

I've always been inspired and fascinated by New York City. I have literally been OBSESSED with NYC for years and I can't really explain exactly why. I simply feel that my heart belongs there and that I HAVE to move there one day. 
This may sound a little bit funny, but I dreamed about NY my whole life! Ever since I was 6 years old and saw "Home Alone 2" for the first time (lol)! Okay, I admit, when I was a child, "Home Alone 2" was my main inspiration for dreaming about living in NY (lol)! but never have I would of imagined, that I'll be actually living in this amazing country, America, left alone, be a US citizen! I'm SO thankful to God for everything he has done for me! 

When I was a child, I used to watch American movies and the Statue of Liberty seemed unreal to me. I used to think that in New York absolutely anything can happen! That it’s some kind of a magic fairytale city where nobody has problems, everyone is kind and happy. Yes, I admit! I used to believe in the "NYC magic”, that I’m pretty sure a lot of kids my age back then who lived outside of the USA, use to believe as well. 

In NY there are a lot of opportunities to be somebody and become successful more then in any other city in the US. You can be whoever you want to be, as long as you work hard at your craft and stay true to yourself. 
I never been there, but my heart is in that city. I always think about it 24/7, but why? I guess, when I visit, I’ll know the answer. I’m used to and love huge metropolitan cities. After living in Moscow, Brussels, Tbilisi, and Denver, I’m ready for New York City! When I graduate from University in 4 years, I will definitely move to New York, where I plan on working hard and making my dreams come true. 

In about 10, 15 years from now, my ultimate goal is to work with the Condé Nast publishing company and call The Plaza Hotel my home. :)


P.S. Any of you have a dream, been there, or live in New York? 
Would be nice if you could share your experiences. :)

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