by - 8/18/2012

Growing up, my mother used to dress me up in blazers. Blazers with skirts, shorts, jeans, and dresses. She has a very unique style taste when it comes to fashion and interior design. When I was 4 years old, she bought me my very first blazer, I remember it very clearly, as if though it was yesterday. The blazer was bright pink, the inside fabric color was white with tiny pink dots, it was so cute!! I loved it very much! That’s when I knew that my passion for fashion had just begun. My mom used to dress me up very chic for every accession and even for "everyday looks". Trust me, if you’d ever met my mother, you’d right away think she works in the fashion industry. My mother is my style icon! :-)

Throughout the years I wore different types of blazers, from bright colors to uniquely shaped textures. You can dress up any look with blazers and accessories such as: bracelets, cocktail rings, long necklaces, and scarf’s. I love wearing blazers with scarf’s. Short scarf’s, long scarf’s, doesn’t really matter. I LOVE scarf’s!
I would describe my style as casual chic with a bit of Rock n' Roll twist to it! 
Music is my number one inspiration when it comes to styling. I can pretty much listen to a song and pick an outfit baste on the music and lyrics I'm listening to. What can I say, I am an aspiring music artist, we are all creatively weird sometimes. 

Remember girls; you don’t have to buy expensive cloths to look fabulous! Just mix and match. I personally love shopping at H&M and Bebe. If something looks great on me and it costs $5, no doubt I'll buy and wear it! 
It’s all about having a good eye and taste in fashion. 

Much Love,

In these pictures I’m about 8-10 years old. They were taken in Brussels, Belgium. I used to live there for two years back in the day. I thought why not post photos of my childhood, so you’d get a better picture/look of my fashion sense from my early childhood. :)

That's me when I was four years old in Moscow, Russia. :D

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