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(This photo was taken in August 2010 at Madame Tussauds wax museum in Las Vegas).

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"Someone asked me the other day in school about what my political views were. To be quite honest, I don’t like politics, because sometimes I don’t agree with politicians point of view on things, but I do believe in Barack Obama, sense I’m a democrat. I think Obama is trying really hard to make this country a better place. Sometimes, even when you're wealthy things don’t just happen right away. Give Obama a bit more time, and America will stand on it’s own two feet again. USA is a strong and wise country. I don’t like hearing people complain, because there are lots of good things when it comes to living in the States. If you’re a very hard worker, and smart, then this country is definitely for you! 

Growing up in Russia, Moscow, as a little girl, I used to dream of living in the United States one day. I used to believe that dreams come true in America, but after living here for the past 12 years, I don’t believe that things can just magically happen. Obviously, no one is going to knock on your door and offer you success. Dreams can certainly come true in America, but ONLY if you work extra hard, meaning; you work long hours, don’t complain, and get an education. It is very important to have a degree in any country. Always remember: It’s never too late to go to school! Go after your goals and sooner or latter your dreams will eventually come true.

I can honestly say, I love this country with all my heart. America is my second home! My ultimate dream is to live and work in NYC. After I graduate from University (in 4 years), I plan on moving to NYC to start my music and fashion careers. In the summer of this year, I am going to become an American citizen. I am beyond excited, I can’t wait! Half of my dreams came true in this country, my life is changing for the better. I’m a strong believer of faith and passion. Once you've got those two, anything is possible."

On June 28th, 2012, I became a citizen of the United Stated of America. So proud to be an American!
And Yes, I will vote for Barack Obama this November's 2012 Presidential Election. :)

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